Moroccan Mint Spearmint Green Tea

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About Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint, the ceremonial spearmint green tea from the Arab world! Famous for its smoky spearmint flavor this green tea has a refreshing aroma and taste perfect to serve at all social gatherings after meals or as dessert. Drink this smoky green tea with some honey!

Blends well with : Darjeeling Green Tea

Tea Ingredients, Flavor & Benefits

green tea, spearmint flavouring

Flavor Profile
Smoky green tea with mint after taste makes it very soothing

  • Antioxidant rich green tea, may boost immunity
  • May relieve stress and aid relaxation
  • May improve oral health, curb bad breath
  • Calorie free dessert tea may help control sugar intake.
Tea Brewing Instructions
  • Boil 200ml water in a pot.
  • Add one tea spoon or 2gms of tea.
  • Let it brew for 1-2 mins minutes at 80°C.
  • Pour tea into a cup and enjoy.

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