The Empress Tea Set

Rs. 8,500.00
About Empress Tea Set

The Empress Tea Set symbolizes style, grace and luxury for the modern woman. The design and colors of this set are inspired from the royal prints of Indian ethnic wear. A perfect gift for any occasion or celebration

The Empress tea set comes with four aromatic, visually striking, flavorful high quality loose leaf teas that make the art of tea drinking a luxury affair. In our mission to develop finely designed lifestyle products around specialty teas, we are confident that The Empress Tea Set will redefine tea luxury in today's world.

Inside The Empress Tea Set
  • One Victoria Glass Tea Kettle & Infuser
  • Set of 3 Double Walled Kava Tea Cups
  • Four Aromatic Premium Loose Leaf Teas
  • Four Yellow Tea Storage Tins
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Product FAQS

Q1. Is Empress Tea Set available for Corporate Gifts?

A1. Yes, we take bulk and custom orders for Empress Tea Set for Corporate & Wedding Gifts

Q2. What kind of customization you can offer for Empress Tea Set?

A2. We offer custom logo printing on the tins and a custom screen over the Empress tea set for corporate gifting. We also print custom marketing material to place inside the box per request. Please note customization only available for order quantities above 50 pcs

Q3. Is there a minimum order quantity for corporate or bulk order?

A3. There is no minimum order quantity as such but we offer attractive bulk discounts for higher order quantities

Q4. Is there a lead time if we want to place a bulk order?

A4. There's no lead time for retail buyers and order gets shipped within a day. For bulk orders there's a lead time of 15 days depending on your order quantity.

Looking for Corporate Gifts?
Stand out with The Kettlery's designer tea gift boxes designed to impress! Empress Tea Gift Set is a perfect gift box for corporate gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, even anniversary or birthday gifts. Whatever the occasion you cannot go wrong with this beautiful gourmet tea gift box that contains aromatic teas and beautiful glass tea accessories that can be used at home or office! Get amazing discounts when you buy in bulk! Fill the form below to get bulk gifting rates!

Accessories Inside The Empress Tea Set

a gourmet tea gift box with aromatic luxury teas & tea accessories
Yellow Tea Storage Tins
travel friendly food grade designer square storage tins
The Empress Tea Set comes with 4 food grade tea storage tins with airtight lids to safely store and preserve your aromatic teas. They are super light weight, stackable, easy to store without taking up too much space and even easy to carry in your purse or bag while traveling! Carry your favorite teas with you wherever you go with our travel friendly tea tins
Illusion Teapot with Glass tea infuser
Victoria Tea Kettle & Warmer Set
beautiful clear glass teapot for tea brewing & serving
The Victoria Kettle & Warmer is a part of our artisanal glass tea kettles used for tea brewing and serving. The beautiful stainless steel tea infuser and lid with curvy glass body makes this kettle visually striking and super desirable. The Glass Warmer allows you to keep your tea hot for a long time. Serve your teas piping hot and in style with Victoria Glass Tea Kettle & Warmer
Set of 4 Double Walled Kava Tea Cups

Set of 3 Double Walled Kava Tea Cups
insulated glass tea cups
The Double Walled Kava Tea Cups are one of our best selling insulated glass tea cups. Small in size they fit right in your palm. The double walled glass insulation protects your hands from heat. Their curvy design  make them multi functional to serve not just teas but any beverages, ice creams, dry fruits etc. Use it as a serving bowl or a decorative tea light holder, the Double Walled Kava Tea Cups will beautify any presentation!

Teas Inside The Empress Tea Set

Cleopatra Passionfruit Mango Green Tea
a natural aphrodisiac & stress reliever
Cleopatra Aromatic Green Tea with passion flower, papaya, mango and saffron is inspired by the beauty and spirit of the famous queen Cleopatra. Set the mood and rekindle your passion with this delicious fruity tea!
Grace of Monaco Jasmine White Tea
our aromatic signature luxury tea for stress relief
Grace of Monaco is an aromatic white tea blend of jasmine and vanilla that gives you a sweet floral aroma and taste. Relax your senses with this luxurious aromatic signature tea blend by The Kettlery!
Amusing Peppermint Tea
detox herbal tea with lemongrass and peppermint
Peppermint teas have many benefits, the most popular among them is its cooling effect on the body! Amusing Peppermint Tea is a herbal tea blend of peppermint, lemongrass, rose buds and several other herbs that are carefully selected to boost immunity and help relieve cold and flu symptoms. Refresh yourself with this delicious visually striking peppermint tea anytime of the day!
Blueberry Blossoms Rooibos Tea
naturally sweet rooibos with blueberry flavor
Blueberry Blossoms is an aromatic blend of delicious South African rooibos or red tea with blueberry flowers and flavoring. The natural sweetness of rooibos paired with enticing aroma of blueberry makes this tea irresistible! It's not an exaggeration to say that this tea is better than any dessert! Boost your health by drinking this dessert tea or use it to flavor your food! Either way indulge in the delicacy of blueberry blossoms dessert tea!