Darjeeling Green Tea

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About Darjeeling Green Tea

    The long dark green leaves of this beautiful loose leaf green tea from the gardens of Darjeeling make a fine yellow liquor with sweet grassy undertones. Darjeeling green is a rare made to order Darjeeling tea produced in very small batches for quality control. Enjoy this delicious straight premium Darjeeling tea recipes with mildly spiced vegetables and soups.

    Blends well with Darjeeling Spring Beauty

      Tea Ingredients, Flavour& Benefits


      Green Tea

      Flavour Profile:
      Vegetal green tea taste with a mild sweetness


      Antioxidant-rich: low in caffeine

      Tea Brewing Instructions
      • Boil 200ml of water in a pot
      • Add one tea spoon or 2gms of tea
      • Let it brew for 1-2 mins at 80-degree celsius
      • Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy 

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