Hari Chai Spiced Green Tea

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About Hari Chai Tea

    Start your mornings with this perfect green tea chai blend! This tea has the classic Indian masala chai flavour with a healthier twist. It has the historic chai spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with an added pinch of peppermint to refresh your palate.

    The green tea base makes it milder than the standard black tea blend making it enjoyable to savour the spices. Add some sugar and cherish this modern take on the Indian masala chai or make delicious green tea smoothies with Hari Chai green tea

    Blends well with : Darjeeling Spring Beauty, Lavender Blues

    Tea Ingredients, Flavour & Benefits

      Green tea, peppermint, cardamon, ginger pieces, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon pieces.

      Flavour Profile:
      Spicy chai undertones with sweeter green tea notes


        • Green Tea may contain high levels of antioxidants that helps strengthen immune system
        • Soothe your mind and relax your senses with this delicious spice blend.
        Tea Brewing Instructions
          • Boil 200ml water in a pot.
          • Add one teaspoon or 2gms of tea.
          • Let it brew for 1-2mins minutes at 80 Degree Celsius.
          • Pour tea into a cup and enjoy.
          Spiced Green Chai Smoothie Recipe Video

            Try this delicious super green tea smoothie recipe to boost immunity and overall health.


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