Wellness Tea Blends

Teas and Tisanes have been well known and widely used for their medicinal properties and supplements to aid various health irregularities.The Kettlery introduces a line of wellness teas that are focused on helping you maintain your well being.

Amusing Peppermint Herbal Tea with Lemongrass & Rose - Herbal Tea-The Kettlery
Ayurvedic Bliss Herbal Lemongrass & Nettle Tea - Herbal Tea-The Kettlery
Diet Herbal Tea Herbal Tea The Kettlery
Diet Herbal Tea
From Rs. 450.00
Spice Roots Herbal Tea Herbal Tea The Kettlery
Spice Roots Herbal Tea
From Rs. 380.00
Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea - Herbal Tea-The Kettlery
Grace of Monaco White Tea White Tea The Kettlery 250g in
Green Roses Tea Green Tea The Kettlery 250g in
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Green Roses Tea
From Rs. 500.00
Hibiscus Kiwi Herbal Fruit Blend Herbal Tea The Kettlery
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