Spice up your daily routine with the spiced tea collection featuring herbal blends, white teas and green teas blended with exotic spices & adaptogens like star anise, cinnamon, peppermint, lemongrass, nettle leaves, dandelion etc. Our Spiced Tea Collection is one of its kind and famous for its health benefits and exotic flavors. 

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Bombay Masala Chai Black Tea
  • From $8.00
English Breakfast Black Tea
  • From $8.00
Gulmarg Rose & Saffron Green Tea
  • $10.00
NEW Golden Twist Nilgiri Black Tea
  • $14.00
NEW Handmade Bliss Nilgiri Black Tea
  • $14.00
Whole Peppermint Green Tea in Tin
  • $12.00