About The Kettlery

About The Kettlery

The Kettlery was built on a passion for delivering high-quality, loose-leaf teas to support health and wellness worldwide. 

The Kettlery aims to offer its customers an exclusive tea experience by introducing a hand-crafted selection of premium loose leaf teas, tisanes (herbal teas), and tea infused beverages, as well as tea brewing accessories and complementary foods that elevate the tea drinking experience to a gourmet affair. By introducing discerning consumers to the joys of drinking freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, we aspire to make premium teas a part of one's daily lifestyle in support of overall health and wellness.

Today, The Kettlery operates in multiple business formats. Via our brand website and partner channels, we provide business solutions for hotels & resorts, event planners, and specialty shops and distribute our products and services in more than a dozen countries. The Kettlery is a one-stop-shop for personal, professional, or business tea requirements. 

Our Mission

Although our passion is all things tea, we also know that society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by others alone, we must be involved also. Our business model is one that continually builds strong relationships with our partners and customers so that we use our profits and growth as a means to a greater end: to create a positive impact for our employees, communities, and the environment.

To that end, all our teas are ethically-sourced from tea estates that lowers levels of poverty and provide a healthy environment for their workers.

For our customers, these estate partnerships mean that all our teas are not only 100% natural, but also that they are non-GMO verified. 

A percentage of our annual net profits are put to cancer research, career development opportunities for young people, and assistance for those with limited means throughout the year. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We believe that our world is our most precious asset. The Kettlery partners with Tree Nation to negate the environmental impact of our shipping. 

The Kettlery US Carbon Neutral Initiative with Tree Nation

For every product purchased at The Kettlery, a tree is planted in Madagascar and Tanzania as part of a verified emission reduction project. For every tonne of CO2 a package produces in transportation, an equivalent amount of CO2 is offset. This program allows us to limit our environmental impact and support reforestation efforts in these areas.

Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging

All our packages use recyclable material. Additionally, when shipping material is received clean, we save it and reuse in future shipments. We use earth-friendly air pillow and retention packaging whenever possible. These eliminate the need for bubble wrap and packing peanuts for fragile items, and they can be easily recycled right at one’s curb.

For times when bubble wrap is required, customers are encouraged to visit https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/find-drop-off-location/ to find a facility near them that accepts these materials or to reuse them in future shipments. Recycling contributes to sustainability and provides valuable materials for manufacturers. We encourage recycling when and where possible. 

Quality is at the center of our very existence.

Unlike large scale tea producers, every product offered at The Kettlery is designed and made in India by local artisans.

We source the finest quality products to create innovative blends that represent global flavors, and educate our employees and customers on the different varieties and benefits of drinking loose-leaf tea.

Our Vision

The Kettlery’s vision is to be a global leader in developing innovative, high quality tea, tea gifts and accessories while doing good in our business operations. To realize this vision, The Kettlery continually invests in research, development, technology and training to curate agile, process-oriented and globally scalable, sustainable business models.