Custom & Gourmet Tea Gifts

Gourmet Tea gifts by The Kettlery is a selection of healthy customizable gifts for everyone. We've mastered the art of gifting and made it easy for you to enjoy the perks! Stand out of the crowd with Gourmet Tea Gifts from The Kettlery

Our Quality

We are committed to our mission of spreading holistic wellness and providing our customers an elevated tea drinking experience with premium loose leaf teas. To support this mission we source the finest quality teas and herbs directly from tea gardens across the world. All our teas are 100% Natural, NON-GMO Verified, Vegan & Ethically Sourced. All our premium loose leaf teas and tisanes embody exotic flavour profiles available globally so you will always find a tea that you like. Your health and safety is our utmost priority! All products at the Kettlery are subjected to the most stringent quality testing to ensure that they are safe for use. We also maintain a regular cupping schedule for teas to ensure that the quality of our products remains consistent from season to season. To facilitate easy tea brewing and serving Innovative and well designed tea-making equipment, tea serving accessories and designer tea gifts are an integral part of our product portfolio.

Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea - Herbal Tea-The Kettlery
Diet Herbal Tea Herbal Tea The Kettlery
Diet Herbal Tea
From Rs. 450.00
Moroccan Mint Spearmint Green Tea Green Tea The Kettlery
Darjeeling Oolong Tea - Oolong Tea-The Kettlery
Darjeeling Oolong Tea
From Rs. 360.00
Illusion Glass Teapot & Warmer | The Kettlery
Victoria Glass Tea Kettle & Cup Set Tea Kettle & Cup Sets The Kettlery Tea Set with 6 Kava Cups
Victoria Tea Kettle Tea Kettles The Kettlery
Zeus Tea Kettle with Infuser Tea Kettles The Kettlery
Zion Tea Kettle Tea Kettles The Kettlery
Zion Tea Kettle
Rs. 2,400.00

Home Office & Workplace Tea Essentials

Improve your work efficiency and boost your energy with The Kettlery office essentials. These office teas and accessories will help you stay hydrated and make it easy for you to brew and drink delicious hot cup of tea at  your desk. 

Simple tips and tricks to boost the detox power of lukewarm water with lime and honey.

Simple tips and tricks to boost the detox power of lukewarm water with lime and honey.

Trying to lose weight? How many people have suggested you to drink lukewarm water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach? If I had to guess I’d say 8 out of 10 !

Lukewarm water with lemon and honey has many benefits including: curing indigestion, cleansing lymphatic system, helping beat bad breath, cleansing urinary tract and colon function, providing beautiful glowing skin and many more...

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Virgin Strawberry Chamomile Martini: Recipe | The Kettlery

Virgin Strawberry Chamomile Martini: Recipe

The go to drink to quench your thirst in these hot summer days is here with a healthier twist. Virgin Strawberry Chamomile Martini recipe will give you as handsome a drink as you'd ever want... and one with a delightful flavor, too!
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Darjeeling Green Lemonade | The Kettlery

Darjeeling Green Lemonade

Gone are the days when a glass of water would sufficiently replenish your post-workout sweat-drenched depleted body. Now, imagine sipping your regular Darjeeling green tea with a lemony twist! The Darjeeling green lemonade is the perfect way to detoxify and energise yourself.
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