White Tea

White Tea is the purest form of tea made from the youngest and most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds of Camelia Sinensis plant. These give a fresh and delicate flavour and a snowy/silver colored brew from which White Tea gets its name.

White teas have a very mild flavor. They blend well with everything and emit the flavor of the blended ingredients quickly and easily. Minimally processed, White teas are considered to be the healthiest form of tea. Drinking white tea everyday can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Due to minimal processing white teas may provide maximum hydration to the body ideal to maintaining healthy glowing skin and hair and hence famous for its anti-ageing properties. Other health benefits of this wonder elixir include reduced risk of cardiovascular disorders and improved oral health. They generally tend to have the lowest caffeine content among all True Teas, making them ideal for a late evening drink. Checkout our tea paring guide to learn more about pairing teas with your favorite foods.

The Kettlery’s loose leaf white tea collection features different types of premium full leaf white teas including immune boosting spiced white teas, low calorie chocolate white teas and aromatic stress relieving fruity and floral white teas. Explore our entire collection here

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