Brew Maker

Rs. 2,500.00
About Brew Maker

The Kettlery's Brew Maker is a revolutionary product that allows you to experience the real flavors premium loose leaf teas. It uses the direct immersion tea brewing method producing an extremely rich body of tea easily and effortlessly. Its Aroma and Flavor Lock System retains the natural flavors of premium loose teas without bitterness, acidity or leaves in the infusion and its unique dispense mechanism allows for a hassle free dispension of the infusion.

How To Use

Follow the instructions below to brew a perfect cup using the Kettlery's Brew Maker:

  • Add your favorite loose tea leaves to the Kettlery Brew Maker.
  • Add hot water, close the lid and let it brew as per the tea brewing chart.
  • For filtering place the Kettlery Brew Maker on top of the cup /kettle.
  • Simply lift the Kettlery Brew Maker off the cup/kettle and enjoy your tea!

Download  How To Use The Brew Maker Guide Here