Golden Twist Nilgiri Black Tea

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  • Golden twist tea's name is derived from its twisted and wiry tea leaves with silver edges and golden liquor.
  •  A tea connoisseur's favorite, this aromatic black tea procured from the heavenly mountains of Nilgiri is highly recommended for its unique robust flavor and single clone characteristics.
  • Every sip of this blissful tea enthuses inner peace and pure relaxation.
  • The unfurling of golden leaves is visually pleasing and will relieve stress just like gazing over forest greens.
  • Low in caffeine, this nilgiri black tea is a perfect choice as a healthy breakfast tea best enjoyed without milk and sugar.


Black Tea

Flavor Profile
Sweet muscatel taste with mild pepper-like undertones

  • Low in caffeine, great for multiple infusions
  • Relaxes your nerves and stimulates mental health

- Boil 200ml water in a pot.
- Add one tea spoon or 2gms of tea.
- Let it brew for 2-3 mins minutes at 90-100 Degree Celsius.
- Pour tea into a cup and enjoy.
- Blends well with :Ceylon Black, Masala Chai, Black Gold, Golden Twist, Classic English Leaf, Black Earl Grey

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