Passionfruit Mango Green Tea

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About Passionfruit Mango Green Tea

Passionfruit Mango Green Tea is a classic fruity green tea from our collection that can be enjoyed hot or iced. The passion fruit notes with the mango undertones of this fruity green tea make it a perfect summer beverage! Brew it hot or shake it with ice and enjoy the fruity flavors of this delicious green tea. Also makes amazing mocktails. 

Blends well with : Spicy Pine Mango

Tea Ingredients, Flavour & Benefits

green tea, mango, passionfruit

Flavor Profile
Fruity passion fruit and mango notes with mild green tea base.


Passionfruit Tea is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins (B, C and E) and minerals (magnesium and potassium). Great iced drink for that hot afternoon or serve your guests with your own mocktail recipe! 

Tea Brewing Instructions
  • Add one tea spoon or 2 gms of tea to Brew Maker per 200 ml hot water (80°C)
  • Let it steep for 1-2 mins 
  • Filter your tea into a cup and enjoy.
  • For iced concoctions use 4 gms of tea and sweetner of choice. Shake it over ice or place it in refrigerator for cooling